How to Sell Your Soul to The Devil

Want to cause some mayhem? 

Well, unless you’re super skilled with tech, are the monarch of a small country close to Hungary or born with magical powers/trained in gypsy magic, that’s not going to be easy. (basically, it’s not easy unless you’re Doctor Doom)


But why sell your soul to the devil, you might ask. Well, here’s why.

Pros: You can get your destructive powers without being trained by monks for 20 years. It won’t cost you anything at the moment. Remember, saying that you made a deal with the devil instantly makes you seem 70% more badass.

Cons: You’re pretty much damned to an eternity in hell afterwards (when you die). Then again, you’ll be surrounded by interesting people.


How to do it:

Sadly, paypal don’t transfer souls, even if it’s just another currency.

According to the original blues legends (rockstars selling their soul to the devil for the sake of awesome guitar solos etc.), Robert Johnson did it at a crossroads in mississippi. I think the important thing to notice in this picture, is the crossroads. And that it’s probably some sort voodoo ritual, so I hope you’re not afraid to bleed a little. (that’s not useful fear when causing mayhem either, by the way)

  • This is usually done at midnight or just before dawn
  • Make an offering of some sort. Like pocket change and tobacco or whatever.
  • It might help to play fiddle.

Also, I want you to get your expectations down, just about now. Satan isn’t going to swoop up from the ground, he’s a busy guy. (I know, you won’t meet the devil.. Such a letdown.) 

What you will meet is probably some minor demon, but that’s unimportant. 

Just remember to ask for some sort of kickass superpower.

Like being able to set things on fire by thinking about them, or control of an element.


Making a deal with the devil is an easy shortcut to gaining superpowers and you should totally do it.

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