The Season of Crime

Christmas eve is getting closer with every breath, the smell of cinnamon is filling smaller homes and people are stressfully running about, trying to find materialistic goods to please family members and friends.

“So, Jerica, wouldn’t the Christmas Season be perfect for doing evil? I mean, it doesn’t even have to be that evil, with all of this seemingly good all around.”

Really. Evil deeds at Christmas is overdone. Have you ever watched a Doctor Who Christmas special? .. Or any other Christmas special, really. Something bad always happen. I wouldn’t get noticed unless I stole the moon (which would be very,very stupid) or something like that.

… It’s also far too mainstream. Overdone.

On another note, I don’t see how I could make a profit, unless I robbed a mall. Because, really, after the Christmas shopping is done, people don’t have  a lot of money anymore.

… Of course, capturing a minor population on a homemade snowstorm… Eventually the government would have to pay up.

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