Gigantic Lasers aren’t the Way

I’ve already begun working on my next (undoubtedly genius) plan.
Brainstorming, however, isn’t always the solution, if you don’t have any shining new ideas. Because of my slight lack of creativity, I decided to invite a friend (yes, even evil geniuses have those) over, if nothing else, to make time pass with something different from staring into a blank document on my computer.

My friend, also known as Ben, suggested a gigantic laser on the moon as my next plan… It’s not much of a plan, though, is it? I mean, you have a laser on the moon, you could destroy a country, but for what reason? There’s no money to be made from this cliché.

…Also, sending stuff into space is quite expensive.. And so are gigantic lasers.

Later on, Ben said that his idea was ”simply a jest”.
I don’t think that he’s taking my life choices seriously.

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