Upcoming Mayhem

Has anyone else noticed the low level of true evil these days?
I mean, sure, we have gangs, murderers and criminals all around the globe; but they’re but mere bullies compared to a truly evil genius. Such as myself.

Thing is. Most of those criminals mainly do whatever wickedness that they might do, out of love (or as I call it “sentiment”). And if that’s their motivation, are they then actually evil at all? I’ll leave the physiology for another day.

However, this isn’t about me or them.
This is about how you can make the world a better (actually worse) place.
And not just the world, but your life in general.
I have been in the branch of evil for a fair amount of time, and I have a lot of advise to pass on, on how to make your daily life more vile. Such as that you should never forget about Torture-Thursday. (traditions are wonderful!)

Such is my introduction to this blog of mine. Prepare yourselves.


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